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Talents from: México City, Lyon (France), Jolón (Israel), San Diego (USA), Monterrey (MX), Guadalajara (MX)

Who are the Djs?

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“VB is the private DJ pinnacle – VICE 2019”

About VB

We are a team of event producers, geek Djs, experience creatives, concept designers, hype creators, and ideologists. We use the moment, the exclusivity and disruption of space, the detail, the music, the light, the visuals, and the aesthetics to spread a concept.

Our work unfolds in different kinds of events (weddings – proms – private and corporate – nightclubs) and with a large variety of people so we offer total customization for each client. We are truly believers that the exclusivity of our service is all about giving the opportunity to every customer to develop it’s own statement.

Location: CDMX - Miami

Phone: 55 70216819 (MX ) / +1 (518) 351 9735 (US)

Mail: contacto@eventosvb.com

Whats App: +52 1 5580212845 (MX - US)

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VB Statement


Our work strives to deconstruct traditional concepts and seeks to generate a “state of the art” experience. Our producers were those weekend dope guys drinking a gin inside places like La Santa, Café Paraiso, Sense, Hannah Sun Club, República, Rhodesia, Joy, Bibliotéca, Bar 27, and any other club you can remember. We have taken our creative team, staff and DJs to play all over Mexico, in small boiler rooms in Tulúm, Oaxaca, Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos, restaurants in Masaryk, events for well-known fashion magazines in Mx, unique brands like Off-White, Supreme, Coca Cola, Disney and in many of the most exclusive weddings, clubs, bars, and festivals in the country. Today we are one of the most unique and disruptive options to create something that breaks the mainstream world. That is what drives our culture. VB – F # c k Mainstream

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