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Talents from: México City, Lyon (France), Jolón (Israel), San Diego (USA), Monterrey (MX), Guadalajara (MX)

Who are the Djs?

Meet VB

“VB is the private DJ pinnacle – VICE 2018”

About VB

We are not simply DJs, we are really gin addicts, mezcal pros, antro experts, sunrise creators, music geeks, sound mixologists, party junkies and wedding cracks. We were the wasted 4 am guys outside Alebrije, Sense, Republica, La Santa, Me, Hanna, Barezzito, El Bezzito, El Grito, Ride, Joy, Classico, Hyde, Café Paraiso and every nightclub you can remember. We are the funny 6 am  hungry kids from El Califa and the ones that gave you the shots at that crazy party in Bosques or Valle Escondido. Our clients believe in after hours, delightfull hangovers, in sleep, eat, rave, repeat and are the kind of persons that enjoy good taste. Our parties are a mix of senses,  an impressive light show, nice stage aesthetics, the finest music selection and real DJ talent. Just in 2015 – 2017 we played more than 600 events around México, San Diego and Miami


Location: CDMX - Miami

Phone: 55 70216819 (MX ) / +1 (518) 351 9735 (US)

Mail: contacto@eventosvb.com

Whats App: +52 1 5580212845 (MX - US)

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