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Our Services

``The most disruptive agency in México`` - Estilo DF 2019

The Offer

We have always believed that to offer quality, we must take care of the quantity. We focus on providing just three unique services to generate a really disruptive concept for high profile happenings.

Today we are the promotion, production or talent of many of the most exclusive events in Mexico. A variety of clients ranging from well-known luxury brands, nightclubs, festivals, restaurants and amazing people have trusted us.

AV Production

We have our own lighting, audio, fx, screens, projection, microphones and a lot more.  We are also part of the largest AV production network in México so that we can fulfill our demand around the country. Our team of staff and producers have worked on tours and festivals alongside large production companies and renowned artists.

DJ Booking

Our DJ talents are all around México, US and Europe working with us in different clubs, the most amazing weddings or social gatherings and in some of the best festivals. We provide music for all kinds of events taking this high-end talent to whatever you can think of.


Within our infrastructure of technology, creative design and management we are now the promoters of many private and public events in Mexico City. Magazines, fashion brands, sporting events, specialized conventions or private parties come to us to generate hype in their happenings through technology, the use of social networks and content production

Some of our most recent work


In the last 10 years we have met countless people. The most incredible brands have left their mark on us. Each project brings us a world of learning, new ideas and new ways of doing things. These are just some of the friends we have made in overtime.

Estilo DF

Aniversario Estilo DF


Longines 2019

Coca Cola

Red Carpet / 90s Pop Tour

Susy y Leo

Boda Susana y Leonardo Zimbrón

Mundo Ejecutivo

Sala VIP Speed Fest

Joshua Vital

Boda Hola Sunshine

CG Eventos

Presentación McLaren Senna

Indigo / Estilo DF

Inauguración Casa Hot Nuts

Häppen Events

XV Años Angela Aguilar

The Concierge

MIDO Super Precise

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