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Raving humans since 2009

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“VB was born to build the finest DJ proposal in México” Mike Alducin – VICE 

Our DJs are a variety of party aproaches. We have been working on creating a fine pool of talents from around the world that serve to different kind of events. These people have been carefully selected to fullfill the demand of high-profile events in México. Weddings, brand parties, nightclubs and festivals are all in. 

You don’t hire simply DJs….you hire a unique concept.



Nature Tech – Minimal House – 70s Rock

Anthony Favier

70s rock, 30s swing, hiphop, triphop, pop, jazz, soul, classical music are as many shades N’to can use to colour his tracks. However it is through electronic music that he expresses and fulfills himself completely. He creates a distinctive, pure and « pointilliste » sound that already makes him a key player on the French techno market. He works every inch of his generous rhythmic, he deconstructs the sounds, betrays our habits and yet those melodies of his go straight to the point and far beyond our expectations.


Versatile – Minimal Tech – Deep House

Mike Alducin

Mexican DJ and our main producer. He has been in more than 600 high profile events around México. As a versatile DJ he loves 90’s mexican pop, mainstream California reggaeton and alternative & hipsterish rock. He was the first mexican DJ in performing live acts with synths, beat machines and sample pads at the same time in a live act. He is now working in original music and playing around méxico.


Minimal Dub – Crispy House – Deep House

Stephan Baz

As a DJ, he owns a rare achievement of being a resident at Tel- Aviv’s most prestige clubs – Breakfast Club, The Block & Cat & Dog – though his best moments shine when it comes to lead his own party – “E-Boded” – an ongoing series of underground outdoor raves (now on their 8th year), that reshaped both sound and character of the Tel Aviv scene.

Laura De Greef

Classic House – Garage – New Tech

Laura De Greef

Laura De Greef is considered as one of the most promising female DJ’s in Belgium scene. Based now in Paris, she captivates her audience with classic performance for nightsets around the best clubs and parties in France


Classic House – Garage – New Tech


MayaR is known by his flawless technique and his far reaching trajectory as a DJ for social parties in México. He is well known for playing Indie , Nu Dis- co, Hip Hop, EDM , Pop, Big Room, House and Deep House. He has shared the stage with Mike Alducin in more than 100 high profile events around México.

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