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1° Mexican Wedding DJ - The Happening

VB Weddings

We believe that a wedding DJ is a lot more than just music.

We are not the old school guys, is not the same kind of wedding party that we’ve seen for the past 10 years or the same boring stage with bad taste in lighting colours, nor the identical DJ that was in your sister’s, cousin’s or friends’ wedding. We are not the new ones but we’ve played in enough of the most exclusive weddings around México to know that DJ mixing is a kind of understanding people’s class.

VB has worked so hard to establish itself as the best wedding DJs in México creating a whole new concept where all the senses are involved. We have the finest stage aestethics designed in collab with recognized architechture firms, the best lighting concept brought in by the same persons that work in worldclass festivals as ULTRA and EDC and god…the best DJs, guys that also love to party until body gets wasted in weddings, nightclubs and proms.


Direct Call | +52 1 55 70216819 (MX) / +1 (518) 351 9735 (MIAMI)