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A Rapid Event Company-wide Shift During COVID-19

In these challenging times, VB is committed to make a positive impact as we navigate this new reality together as individuals in the world.

Like everyone else, the outbreak has caused us to rapidly shift gears to be in the best position to support our customers, team members and business partners while still keeping our main goals, production planning processes and development projects.

In just a matter of days, we’ve already adapted our entire business for remote work; figured out new and innovative ways to keep field staff, DJs, producers and creatives connected and productive; and sought out ways to push our limits, develop our present capabilities, get better at what we do, improve our offer, evolve and continue to pursue our main vision of wiping the mainstream and raving the world — all while staying safe at home during this period.

We have managed to reschedule almost 100% of the events in support for the customers that needed it. We must thank all those clients for maintaining the initial payment deals. As a serious company, with your help and our saving funds, no job will be lost and the continuity of our service, no matter how long this lasts, is guaranteed. Thank you for your love, your formality, your commitment, your hope and your trust in us. You are just amazing!

Our core business, so far, has not been affected. Every day since the closure, new customers have come to us, in fact, more than usual. We are developing new stages, creating more music, tuning our customer service systems, gathering more production capacity, advancing all the planning processes, programming new things, finding new opportunities and working like crazy.

Human beings have been getting together and celebrating existence for millennia. This has happened since the beginning, when there was no reason in us. Deep down we believe that a human being meets with other human beings, to find a reason. Parties and gatherings are gonna be forever because the reason everyone is looking for, is love, and love has no reason.

This is just a little break. Stay safe!